I'm stuffing my face with Girl Scout Cookies to protest the bigoted boycott

Sometimes, I see things on the interwebs that make my blood boil. Wait, let me rephrase: Almost every day I see things on the interwebs that make my blood boil. Today, I'd like to highlight a video uploaded by the "Honest Girl Scouts" (an org backed by the Christian fundamentalist American Family Association) and share my own little resolution to protest this despicable movement.

Last week I stumbled across a video of a robotic teenage girl asking everyone to boycott Girl Scout cookies. First off, in a personal plea to this little girl, I'd like to say: Good luck with that homie! You're a GS, I know you've tried those cookies and know how sinfully delicious they are. How could you ever in a million years think this could work?

So, why does she want us to deny ourselves of the all-American indulgence in Thin Mints and Samoas?


Well, because the Girl Scouts of Colorado allowed 7-year-old transgendered girl Bobby Montoya to join one of their troops. She's outraged--OUTRAGED! Although it's hard to tell from the creepy, robotic video. In her parents own words, she claims:

Why is GSUSA willing to break its own safety rules and go against its own research findings to accommodate transgender boys? Unfortunately, I think it is because GSUSA cares more about promoting the desires of a small handful of people than it does my safety and the safety of my friends. And they are doing it with the money we earn for them by selling Girl Scout cookies

Uh huh, I'm sure she and her buddies go to bed every night plagued by nightmares about the horrors that a little 7-year-old is capable of. Let's keep it real, her parents are members of a right-wing Christian organization that peddles in bigotry and intolerance and they set up their poor daughter. They don't consider the transgender child, Bobby Montoya, to be a girl, even though she has been living as such for years, so they don't want her to join the scouts.

So they set up this boycott of Girl Scout cookies. I say, bring on the troops! I'll buy as many as I can possibly afford to protest this ignorant boycott. As if I needed any more of an excuse...yummy!

What do you think about the boycott of Girl Scout cookies? Do you think trangendered children should be allowed to join sex-specific groups?