Dad hurls toddler son off high-rise building for such a terrible reason

Kanarikov familyDmitry Kanarikov was in the midst of a messy child custody battle when he threw his 3-year-old son off the roof of a 52 story apartment building and then jumped himself landing on a John Jay College building, a university nearby. The 35-year-old father died on impact, but his son, Kirill was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The unthinkable tragedy shocked everyone because Kanarikov and his wife, Svetlana, seemed to have a happy life. That is until the recent months...


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The dad was living in Brooklyn and was set to pick up little Kirill from his wife at the 17th precinct. She was going to retrieve the child again at 1 p.m. but tragedy struck an hour before she was to meet them.

Police believe that Kanarikov had a friend who lived in the building, which is how he may have had access to it. Surveillance videos showed the father and son, dressed in Christmas pajamas, walking into the building. One resident witnessed the bodies tumbling down and others say that it is easy to climb to the rooftop because the door isn't locked.

The Kanarikovs had arrived to New York last year from Serbia and seemed to be a picture-perfect family even buying their own place in Mill Basin, Brooklyn. The couple's Facebook activity indicated of a happy family with Kanarikov writing that his main goal was to be the best father and husband. In September, Svetlana posted a picture of the family on the beach and wrote: "I have the best husband and son in the world."

However things took a dark turn because supposedly Kanarikov was abusive and he and his wife fought over money. They separated in August leading to this messy custody battle. Reportedly Svetlana told police that Kanarikov had threatened to kill himself and their son in the past which led to an order of protection against him that was later lifted.

All I can think is that this man did this on purpose to get back at his wife. It's horrible knowing that some people wouldn't do what's best for their children out of their own selfish motives. Little Kirill did not deserve to die this way. Why couldn't this selfish dad have killed just himself if he was thinking of doing such a horrible thing? My thoughts are with Svetlana and the rest of his family as they have to face the holidays without her beautiful baby boy.

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