Disgusting man killed girlfriend's baby because he lost a bet

playpenA disgraceful man is facing first degree murder charges after he allegedly killed his girlfriend's five month old baby. The 22-year-old man, Tre'viance Markese Walker, was watching an Oklahoma State vs. University of Oklahoma game earlier this month when the infant only identified as J.B. started crying.

That's when Walker did the unthinkable.


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Police say Walker became upset when J.B. started crying in the middle of the game as he watched it and did the most horrendous thing. The man allegedly walked over to the infant, grabbed him by the neck and then dropped him two feet off the ground. It wasn't until hours later that the baby was found unresponsive in his playpen.

By the time he was taken to the hospital emergency room, he was already dead. Doctors observed head trauma, bruises on his cheeks, and blood in his ears--all evidence he was shaken and dropped.

Supposedly the reason Walker was infuriated and took it out on the infant is because he lost a $200 bet on the game. Ugh, what a disgusting excuse for a human being.

I understand getting into a sporting bet and being upset, but to respond in such a disgusting way is unacceptable. It's not the child's fault Walker moronically placed a bet worth that much money for a single game. He had no excuse to take it out on the innocent baby who was doing something ALL infants do. I hope he gets the same treatment he gave poor little J.B. behind bars.

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