Evil parents force toddler to smoke pot & you won't believe who encouraged them

The irresponsible parents of a 23-month-old boy have been arrested after it was discovered they tried to force him to smoke marijuana at their home in Buffalo, New York. According to police, Jessica and George Kelsey, the boy's teen parents, packed a marijuana pipe and lit it before they gave it to the toddler as they helped or encouraged him to smoke it. Incredibly, the child's grandfather--Jessica's dad--was present during the abusive and despicable incident and you won't believe what he did ...


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Nothing! Instead of calling police and rescuing his poor grandson from the clutches of his irresponsible parents, Don Baker, 54, seems to have thought that forcing his nieto to smoke marijuana was a good idea. What kind of abuelito does this to his own grandson?

It's unclear how police found out what happened on Dec. 5 , but it is possible that another person who was present at the time alerted them. The incident took place during a party and this trio of potheads even had the nerve to videotape it.

While it's obvious that his own family does not care for his welfare, I'm glad to how good someone else realized his well-being was in danger and decided to alert police. Who knows what would've become of him if he'd stayed under the care of these despicable people!

And, for those who say that marijuana is not as harmful as other drugs, this very sad story should prove them wrong!

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