Hero teen shot to death inside her house & no one knows what happened

A teen hero is being mourned today after she was shot and killed by her friend. Aubrey Peters of Indiana was accidentally shot by her friend Jacob Travis McDaniel who was trying to show off a semiautomatic gun to her. The woman, who is now 20, was immediately rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead moments later.

McDaniel, also 20 years old, was charged with reckless homicide despite his claims that it was an accident.


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According to McDaniels, he was showing off the gun to the woman and two other men and tried to get Peters to hold it. She refused which caused him to unload the magazine from the weapon, turn off the safety and then pointed the gun at her shooting a single bullet into her chest. He claims he thought it was empty at the time the gun went off.

Originally he lied and said that the gun had fallen off the table and went off shooting Peters, but a witness heard McDaniels trying to come up with an alibi to tell police. Peters' death is especially sad because in 2010, she became a hero for rescuing two sisters, a 4-year-old and 7-year-old girl from the icy waters of a reservoir by her home.

During an interview with WISH-TV, Peters told reporters about the scary incident. "I mean, it was like watching someone die, and I hated it," she told the TV station. The brave teen at the time managed to jump into the water to save one of the sisters, while the girls' grandmother rescued the other. She was later awarded and honored at the Red Cross Hall of Fame in 2011.

This story is so sad! Peters was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. McDaniel should have known better than to handle a weapon so recklessly--even if it was an accident. If someone was forcing me to hold on to such a dangerous weapon, I probably would have responded the same way this young woman did. My thoughts are with her family and friends as they mourn a young woman whose life was taken too soon and was a true hero.

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