Mexican teen injects flesh-eating drug into genitals & it's worse than you can imagine

injectionJust when you thought the flesh-eating drug krokodil was bad enough, someone goes and makes it WORSE. The dangerous drug is a fatal mixture of codeine and hydrocarbons like oil, gas, or alcohol, and rots your skin from the inside out. Now an even more horrifying case has come out of Mexico.

This time a 17-year-old girl is its latest victim and it's not pretty. In fact, you WON'T believe what part of her body the drug rotted. It left us completely SHOCKED and disgusted! 


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If you recall, the drug is originally from Russia, but its popularity has grown in the United States since September. Apparently now it's crossed the border and has affected a teenager in Puerto Vallarta who became addicted to the drug after having access to it on the street.

The young girl entered a clinic in Mexico seeking help for lacerations on her body caused by the krokodil she had been taking for the past two months. Doctors received the shock of a lifetme when they examined her body and found that the drug had taken over her body so much that it had infected and ROTTED her genitals.

The girl told doctors that the drug was readily available on the street similarly to cocaine and is cheaper. It can be found in the form of cocaine, heroin, even crystal meth and is usually injected. Not surprisingly it has been named the deadliest substance in the world and has claimed the lives of over 30,000 people a year in Russia.

How scary is that?! I can't imagine how a person's body becomes after it is exposed to a drug that is so deadly. It's terrible that this young woman is going through this, but what did she expect experimenting with a drug notoriously known to eat people alive? This is just proof that the government needs to do all they can to banish drugs such as krokodil that can potentially harm many. I really hope it doesn't continue traveling to other countries because this is getting out of control!

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