Teen dies on first flight ever, despite every effort to save him

Dan Goslin was on a Delta flight from Seattle to Atlanta saturday morning, when he heard the flight crew asking for help from anyone with medical training. A teen had gone into cardiac arrest 30 minutes after takeoff and Goslin--a registered nurse--along with a doctor and a midwife, wasted no time trying to save his life. Yet, despite their desperate attempts, they were unable to revive the 16-year-old who had cerebral palsy and was on his first flight ever. 


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Goslin says they tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. The plane had to make an emergency landing in Spokane. Once there, paramedics rushed to the boy's side and attempted to resuscitate him for another 30 minutes. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful and the unidentified teen was pronounced dead on the plane.

Although no details can be released due to privacy issues, a Fire Department spokesperson has said that nothing in the boy's medical record suggested that he was at risk. In fact, the family had gotten approval from a physician saying it was safe for him to fly, according to the spokesperson.

I can only imagine how horrifying this ordeal must have been for his mother, grandmother and brother who were all traveling with him to spend Christmas with family in Georgia. I've never experienced an emergency like this on a plane, but I can only imagine how scared and anxious the boy's family must have been knowing there wasn't much that could be done considering they were up in the air. 

Tragic stories like this one are always heartbreaking, but even more so during this time of year when spending time with loving family seems to be on everyone's mind. May this family find the strength they will need to cope with such a devastating loss.

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