Man convinces 2 Latinas they're possessed by evil spirits & swindles them out of $130,000

When Evelyn Taveras met a spiritual healer called Dorian in a well-known mall in South Florida, she says she trusted him immediately. The 36-year-old woman had been soul-searching and had recently become more spiritual. Since Dorian seemed so humble and knowledgeable, she decided to follow his recommendations. That's how this swindler managed to convince this poor woman that she was possessed by evil spirits and that the only way she could be saved was through a cleanse that ended up costing her dearly. 


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In the course of three months, Dorian sold Taveras three crystals for $5,200 each that he claimed would protect her aura. At one point, the naive woman made the mistake of sharing she had saved $39,000 to start a business and that the money was hidden underneath her bed. One day, the man came to visit her unannounced and he managed to take her money without her noticing. The lowlife had the nerve to tell her not to touch the money because it would bring bad luck to it. 

But it looks like this finally seemed a bit too far-fetched to Taveras and when she went to check under her mattress instead of finding her cash, she found paper money and newspaper clippings. To make matters worse, Dorian had also stolen nearly $50,000 worth of jewelry.

Something similar happened to Cassandre Soray, who met the supposed spiritual healer in the same mall but on a different occasion. He introduced himself as Robert and managed to swindle her out of $37,000.

Both women say they are extremely embarrassed to have fallen for this guy's tricks, but evidently he knew how to choose the most vulnerable victims. Although it took them several months, police finally found the man last week and he's now in jail under the name Joe Alvarez.

I was so sad to find out about this story because many years ago when he worked as a TV producer I did an undercover investigation about this very topic. The psychic I visited wasted no time trying to convince me that I had to pay her a large sum of money if I wanted to get rid of my evil spirits and prevent a family tragedy. She ended up getting arrested thanks to our investigation, but not before many people, including lots of elderly ladies, had fallen prey to her own evil ways!

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