A teen mom has committed a horrific crime after being the victim of one herself. Police in El Salvador say the 15-year-old girl gave birth to a baby girl in the bathroom of her own home unbeknownst to her family who had no idea she was pregnant. She then used the same knife with which she had cut the umbilical chord to stab her newborn baby to death. It's not hard to imagine her mother's shocked reaction, especially after finding out who was the father of the baby.

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Apparently, the teen's own stepfather had raped her, leaving her pregnant and, I'm sure, scared to death. Instead of coming forward and telling her mother what her husband had done to her, this poor girl hid the pregnancy from everyone and then took matters into her own hands.

I'm in no way condoning what she did to that innocent, little baby because there's no question that it was a crime. I'm simply saying that she too was the victim of a heinous crime at the hands of someone who was supposed to have been taking care of her. Too bad she couldn't go to anyone she trusted who could've told her she had options other than killing her daughter. 

Now the teen's in the hospital under police guard and the despicable man responsible for this whole tragedy is nowhere to be found. So he was man enough to rape his stepdaughter, but he's not man enough to face the consequences? What a coward!

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she shouldn't be punish, just should receive therapy
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She should be punished by having to commit the crime again; against her stepfather this time for putting her in that situation. I say confine her to rehabilitation and education which includes assertiveness.

So she says......

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Receiving abuse does not give one the right to dish it out to others. She was abused, therefore distraught and mentally unstable. This isn't an excuse to get off, yes her father should be in prison if not just killed, but you cannot defend the woman by saying "oh she was abused therefore give her a pass". If that was so, any person (yes men too not just women) who was abused then abused or killed someone later should totally be forgiven, regardless that he is a rapists, because he only did it since it was done to him right? Negative, the behavior must not be tolerated, we cannot teach children that if they are abused they have a "free pass" to commit further crimes against others, like murdering a baby....
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I don't believe this poor girl should be punished at all!! But the man who did this to her should be found and castrated!!!
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All of them should be punished, the step father, the stupid mother for allowing it to happen, she had her eyes closed all this time i bet and the teen, For all you idiots who say the girl should not be punished you probably believe in abortion. Just because a girl is raped or molested doesn't always make her a complete victim, she had the heart of a murderer as well, Some victims are heartless too, remember that, I'm sorry but what fault is it of the newborn, that b8tch is crazy and should be in jail. Hope none of those people try to cross the border to the US. We don't need crazy people like that.
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