Teen mom raped by her stepfather does the unthinkable after giving birth

A teen mom has committed a horrific crime after being the victim of one herself. Police in El Salvador say the 15-year-old girl gave birth to a baby girl in the bathroom of her own home unbeknownst to her family who had no idea she was pregnant. She then used the same knife with which she had cut the umbilical chord to stab her newborn baby to death. It's not hard to imagine her mother's shocked reaction, especially after finding out who was the father of the baby.


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Apparently, the teen's own stepfather had raped her, leaving her pregnant and, I'm sure, scared to death. Instead of coming forward and telling her mother what her husband had done to her, this poor girl hid the pregnancy from everyone and then took matters into her own hands.

I'm in no way condoning what she did to that innocent, little baby because there's no question that it was a crime. I'm simply saying that she too was the victim of a heinous crime at the hands of someone who was supposed to have been taking care of her. Too bad she couldn't go to anyone she trusted who could've told her she had options other than killing her daughter. 

Now the teen's in the hospital under police guard and the despicable man responsible for this whole tragedy is nowhere to be found. So he was man enough to rape his stepdaughter, but he's not man enough to face the consequences? What a coward!

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