Black widow spiders found in grapes could put your life at risk

¡Ay, qué miedo! That's what I though when I heard that a Pennsylvania woman had found a spider while washing some red grapes she'd gotten at her local supermarket last week. And that's because it wasn't just any spider, it was a black widow--an extremely dangerous and venomous kind. Can you imagine?


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According to Yvonne Whalen, she was rinsing the grapes when she felt something slimy on her fingers. When she looked down, she saw a soaked spider web and then the black leg of a spider on a grape. She continued to investigate and realized it was a spider. Although her inital reaction was to flush it down the drain and kill it by turning on the garbage disposal, she decided against it.

Instead, Whalen captured it and after searching the Internet figured out it was a black widow. Eventually, she found another one among the grapes except that it was dead. She then called the supermarket immediately to alert them. Only a couple of weeks ago, another woman realized there were deadly spiders, but in her bananas. What's going on?

I'm scared to death of spiders of any kind--and we have a lot of them in the unfinished part of our basement. Regardless of how small or harmless they are, I've always hated them and I'm always afraid one's going to come out of nowhere and attack me somehow! I know that sounds ludicrous, but that's how much I hate them.

The scariest thing about this particular incident is that Whalen says the spider survived over five days inside her fridge and nobody knew it. My kids love grapes, so we buy them all the time. They know they can't have them until I've washed them, but they're kids and you never know if they'll just stick their hand in the bag and grab a few. Now, I'll make sure to check for spiders before I even bring them home!

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