Goldieblox ad encourages girls to rule the world & every daughter should see it!

We all know girls are equally as inventive as boys, but that isn't usually depicted in popular TV and print ads ... until now! GoldieBlox, the toy company founded by engineer Debbie Sterling, has just released the best and probably cutest commercial I've seen this year, encouraging girls to be "thinkers, builders and innovators."


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The video, which is set to a rewritten version of The Beastie Boys "Girls," features three awesome little girls, who are fed up with their traditional (and almost exclusively pink) toys. So they decided to use everything they can find--including dolls, pink feather boas and other old toys--to turn a regular house into a "princess machine." And wait until you see the contraption they come up with!

The results of their efforts are downright amazing! Not that I'm surprised. In real life, it apparently took six engineers and Brett Doar, the man who created OK Go's! Rube Goldberg machine to make it.

I absolutely love this commercial! First of all, it's fantastic to see a company really emphasize girl power and I think it's a great idea to try to pique girls' interest in these kinds of subjects early on. But even more importantly, the entire concept is incredibly well-executed. In fact, I highly encourage every parent to show this to their daughters. Seriously, if this doesn't make your little girl want to start building something of her own, I don't know what will!

 Check out the entire video below: 

Image via YouTube

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