Missing McStay family finally found, but mystery only deepens

No one knew what happened when the entire McStay family dissappeared without a trace over four years ago. Their family embarked on a frantic search, local authorities got involved, yet after an extensive investigation, there was no evidence strong enough to bring any closure to the family and friends of the McStay's.

Some speculated that the family jumped the border to Mexico in an attempt to get out from under some debt that they owed. Others said that perhaps the family had decided to live under the radar, but Joseph McStay's father Patrick always had a feeling that something wasn't right, and those suspicions were confirmed last Friday.


Bones and clothes were found by bikers in Victorville, CA. They weren't initially sure if the remains were human, but were sufficiently spooked to call local authorities who arrived and immediately collected DNA and teeth imprints in order to identify the victims. 

As soon Patrick read about the found remains, he said he got a "chill" in his bones and just knew that the bodies belonged to his lost son and family. Unfortunately, he found out about the discovery through the news and not from San Diego area PD, which he says is just more evidence of what he has always said was an "inept" investigation.

"It's not really the outcome we were looking for," Joseph McStay's brother, Michael, said through his tears during a press conference, "But it gives us courage to know they're together and they're in a better place."

What's captured the nations imagination when it comes to this case is the rarity for an entire family to just go missing into thin air like that. Now that there is clear evidence of foul play, the story seems to be even more confusing. The McStays did not seem to have any enemies, to the contrary, they were well-liked and respected by their neighbors. They had a relatively succesful company and had struggled financially in the past, but seemed to have turned a corner, recently purchasing a new house that everyone says they were super excited about.

Who would want to kill them? And not only murder one of the adults, but kill of an entire family including two innocent, precious boys? These are the answers that their remaining family members and the police are looking for and I hope they eventually find them.