Idiot angry husband gets back at his wife in most dangerous way possible

A man got so pissed at his wife that he decided to do something completely absurd. Randolph Smith, 51, is in the process of divorcing, but he got so mad at his spouse that he left her a little surprise on the kitchen counter to scare her a bit. Little did he know that his stupid hoax would seem so real to her that his plan would backfire and he'd end up getting arrested. Let me explain what I'm talking about ...


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When Smith's wife got back to her Florida home last week, she freaked out when she saw a gray pipe with a wire coming out from one end on top of her kitchen table. Judging from the series of notes Smith had left in red ink--such as "This is a(n) explosive. It's a bomb"--she concluded her life was in danger and wasted no time calling 911.

A bomb squad was sent out to her home and soon enough they discovered the supposed bomb contained no explosives. It was just a prank, a really cruel one. I mean, can you just imagine coming home to something like that? I would've ran for my life. 

Although I know nothing about Smith's and his wife's relationship, it's pretty obvious from this incident that the guy has serious issues. Luckily, police arrested this sad excuse for a husband at a nearby Burger King and charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, planting a hoax bomb and resisting arrest.

I bet his wife can't wait for the divorce to be finalized and I don't blame her one bit. What a loser!

Image via Indian River County Sheriff's Office

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