Fattest kids in Mexico lose hundreds of pounds after their morbidly obese dad dies

When Juana Bravo's sons were 6 years old, they were a size 38 pants in pants. By the time they turned 10, they'd gone up to a size 40. But Juana says she didn't realize it because she had their pants custom-made. Even so, the mom must have known her sons, Juan Luis and Pedro Vanegas Bravo, were morbidly obese just by looking at them. I mean, by the time they were teens, they each weighed over 300 pounds. It would take their father's death from complications stemming from his own obesity for the family to realize they had better do something about the brothers' dire situation.


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Dubbed as Mexico's fattest brothers, they're plight became public knowledge after they underwent gastric bypass surgery making them the first minors in the country to do so. Despite going through major complications that could have killed them after their respective surgeries, Juan Luis and his brother Pedro are now shadows of the teens they used to be thanks to all the weight they've lost.

After reading their story, one of the things that shocked me the most was that more than 30 percent of children between the ages of five and 11 are considered obese in Mexico. That means the childhood obesity epidemic is not only an American problem and that's really scary.

While I hate judging other parents for the way they choose to raise their kids, I find it very hard to avoid doing so in this case. I mean, how is it that Juan Luis and Pedro's mother didn't realize what was going on with her children considering the problems her own husband battled with obesity before he died at age 42? "You don't realize how fat your children are," she told Vice.com and I simply can't comprehend how that's possible.

While I'm happy to hear the brothers are now doing much better and will hopefully find the way to keep the weight off, I think this should serve as a huge example to other parents who don't think much of their kids weight until it's too late. 

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