Teen girl raped & viciously beaten by 3 boys & 2 girls who caught it all on camera

A 16-year-old girl from Hollywood, Florida was viciously attacked by five teens who recorded some of the attack, which included rape, on video. The 16-year-old alleged victim and four of her five attackers are students at South Broward High. Due to the nature of the crime, the victim's name has not been released. Her accused assailants are three males and two females. The rape suspect is 19-year-old Jayvon Woolfork and his accomplices are 18-year-old Lanel Singleton, 15-year-old Patricia Montes, 16-year-old Erica Avery, and 17-year-old Dwight Henry. The details of what was done to this young girl will absolutely turn your stomach.


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According to police reports, the brutal attack happened around 7:30 on Friday night at Woolfork's home. The girl was invited to Wolfork's home by Patricia Montes, where they sat and listened to music until the other five teens came out of another room and told the girl she had to have sex with Woolfork or she would get a beating.

She refused and they dragged her outside, beat her, banged her head on the concrete, and then dragged her back into the home. She was stripped of her clothes and held down while Woolfork raped her. When she was allowed to leave, the girl walked barefoot to her grandmother's house.

When the police were called on Saturday morning, the girl's eyes were extremely swollen, she was bleeding from one ear, and kept going in and out of conciousness. They beat her to a bloody pulp and then they raped her. 

Absolutely every single detail of this heartless and brutal attack is upsetting, but I have to be totally honest here and say that I am particularly upset to know that two girls participated in this atrocity. Yes, all the people involved in the attack are accountable and guilty as sin, but I CANNOT BELIEVE that these two girls actively participated in this brutality and stood by and watched while another young girl got raped.

When Patrica Montes and Erica Avery were picked up by police, they admitted to participating in the beating, but denied stripping the victim of her clothes. I call BULLSHIT because there are video clips on Montes' cellphone which include one of the girl's clothes being removed.

Call me heartless, but I hope all of the attackers get charged as adults even though some of them are minors. The physical, psychological, and systematic damage that was so cruelly perpetuated on the victim is unforgivable and should not be treated lightly. They took so much from that girl and nothing can ever change that, but they should face severe punishment.

Image via  Brandon Anderson/Flickr, WSVN.com

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