Paraguay teachers caught with strippers on school trip

I don't know why, but when I first came across this story of Paraguayan teachers caught on video dancing with strippers during an offical retreat, I just started cracking up. Maybe I just find it so ridiculously absurd that there would be strippers at what was supposed to be a teachers' team-building retreat. Apparently, classes were suspended so that these teachers could be a part of this retreat, which is totally fine, but who approved and booked the strippers and did the teachers know ahead of time because it would be a shame if the strippers didn't make any tips because the teachers had no cash on them?


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There were about 800 teachers at this retreat that took place in April and video footage of female teachers dancing with shirtless strippers was taken with a cell phone and leaked to the media.

The Education of Ministry is investigating the incident and some school officials say that the strippers were not a part of the event's official program and happened without the permission of the organizers. Well, I should hope it wasn't part of the official program because that would make no sense at all.

I have no problem with teachers blowing off steam or even indulging in some adult entertainment, but not when they are at a teacher training retreat. I have no idea who will be held responsible for this nonsense. Maybe the strippers should be blamed because obviously no one else knew any better. Ha!

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