Family kept dead relative in house for 10 MONTHS to ward off evil ghosts

So, in honor of Halloween here's a bizarre story that will scare your pants off!! Imagine having to call the cops because the smell emanating from your neighbor's house is so foul, you can no longer tolerate it. Imagine, then, being told by cops that what you smelled was an extremely decomposed body of a woman who had died back in December and had been kept in the house covered with a bedspread all in the name of superstition!

Sounds crazy, right? But it's a true story ...


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At first, police in southern India thought that relatives of the 56-year-old dead woman kept the body in their home because they couldn't afford to cremate it. But when her brother told them that they had done it to ward off ghosts, they realized there was something psychologically wrong with him and the deceased's two other relatives, her mother and her son. The woman's brother claimed that someone had told him that keeping a dead body was the only way to prevent evil spirits from entering the house. How's that for freaky?! 

I don't care how superstitious you are, the idea of keeping a dead person's body in your home for almost a year just seems totally crazy. I mean, couldn't they just keep a piece of clothing or another memento they felt represented her?

Either way I feel like these insane relatives must have known they were doing something wrong because, according to police, they kept the house locked and had no contact with the neighbors. No wonder my dad used to say that we should fear los vivos más que los muertos (the living more than the dead)!

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