Sore loser dad says HS football team's 91-0 loss was bullying

One of the dads of a player on a Texas high school football team is charging the opposing team with bullying. The game between Western Hills High School and Aledo High School left the the Western Hills parent upset when Aledo beat them 91-0 last week.

In fact, the dad is complaining that the opposing team's coaches were bullying Western Hills players throughout the game, which is why they say they lost. I don't know about you, but this whole case reeks of a sore loser to me...


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The report filed by the unnamed dad states that the game should have ended sooner and that Aledo coaches were bullying the Western Hills team. He says that they should have stopped running the clock to spare the losing team's feelings.

Supposedly, Aledo High School is investigating the incident, but the football team's head coach, Tim Buchanan, says that this isn't the first time his school has outscored an opposing team. He explains that the way he chose the players during the game was because his team is preparing for the playoffs.

As a matter of fact, it seems as if this is a case of one sore loser parent because Buchanan doesn't recall the Western Hills coach being all that upset after the game. He says he stands by his claims that he and his staff followed good sportsmanship and shouldn't be disciplined for the other team's loss.

I have to agree with Buchanan because some parents take their kids games WAY too seriously. This is why so many kids are spoiled today--because parents like this dad make them feel entitled. His son is never going to learn the importance of losing in order to win at life if he percieves a game loss as "bullying". He should accept the  the fact that maybe his son's team simply wasn't as good as Aledo High School's players and there will be other games.

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