Latina teacher rightly fired after renting pricey loft to throw students booze-filled party

Isabel Diaz-Almaraz officially lost her job as a South Miami Senior High School dance teacher on Wednesday. She was initially suspended without pay in September of 2012 after an investigation found that she had used $1,000 from her PayPal account to pay for a hotel suite that students used for an after-prom party. One student while at the suite posted a picture of a "party platter" allegedly provided by Diaz-Almaraz with the caption, "Thank you Mrs. D!!!" The platter was a lovely assortment of booze, candy, toiletries, and condoms. As you can imagine, some parents were not pleased.


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Diaz-Almaraz admitted to paying for the suite and being reimbursed because the students did not have Paypal accounts of their own. She also admitted to stopping by the suite, but she denies having provided the students with alchohol or condoms. Some students back up her denial of providing booze.

Regardless, the teacher is now out of a job. The school board originally recommended she be terminated for her actions, but Diaz-Almaraz appealed. This summer an administrative judge reviewed the school board's decision and recommended that Diaz-Almaraz be reinstated, but the school board wasn't having any of it; they went against the judge's recommendation and fired her.

Of course, I don't really know what happened. I find it strange that even after the administrative judge recommended she be reinstated, the school board just went ahead and fired her anyway. I'm sure that for them it is much easier to wash their hands of her.

Do I think she screwed up? Uh, probably. I wouldn't go renting a hotel room for a bunch of horny post-prom teenagers, but that's just me. As for the incriminating photo of the "party platter:" just because someone thanked her on social media for it doesn't mean she was actually the one to provide it.

The only thing I do know is that this woman is now out of a job and probably won't be getting a job teaching at a public school anytime soon. Perhaps, it is time to set up her own studio and keep a VERY professional distance from her clients.

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