Stupid husband divorces wife for kissing a horse, goes into jealous rage

A Saudi man left his wife over a horse. It's official, I have heard it all! I've said it before, but I just have to say it again, some people are just nuts. As in bonkers--and not the kind that can be helped with medication (I'm the kind of bonkers that is helped with medication), I mean just loopy and make no sense and will never make any sense. Case in point: a jealous Saudi husband left his wife because he caught her kissing a horse! He didn't even catch her technically as she willingly posted a picture of the beso on social media. 


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Now, I'm not talking anything kinky, the wife just posted a picture of herself on social media affectionately giving a horse a peck. No biggie, not anything inappropriate, not something anyone would call bestiality, but the husband lost it and informed her he was divorcing her.

So what do you think? You think the wife regrets kissing the horse and losing her husband over it? Nope! According to reports the woman says she does not regret posting the picture of herself kissing the horse as it expresses her love for Arabian horses. As for the loss of her husband, she seems to feel she is better off alone than with someone who can't distinguish the difference between people and animals.

I wonder if the horse was male of female and if that made a difference to the husband who was supposedly humiliated by the picture of his wife showing the horse affection. That's funny, I think his ridiculous jealousy would be more humiliating, but I guess not.

I think it's better to kiss a horse than be married to a horse's ass.

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