Woman forced to wear chastity belt for 12 years FINALLY calls police on deranged husband

Trust is a HUGE thing in a marriage. I totally get it. What I don't get is forcing someone to wear a chastity belt for 12 years, that has nothing to do with trust, that has more to do with being a controlling son of ... you get my point. José Antonio León Vela is a 40-year-old man from Mexico who made his wife wear a chastity belt for 12 years! His wife is 25 years old, which means she has been living this controlling so and so since she was 13. A 13-year-old is not a woman, that is a child. So at 13 years of age, her then 28-year-old husband locked her up in a chastity belt that prevented her not only from lowering her pants for adultery, but also made it so that she couldn't lower her pants if she had to go to the restroom or attend to her period or change her underwear or all sorts of things.


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I guess at some point the chastity belt was noticed by authorities, but since the wife did not press any charges, the husband was just warned that he would go to jail if he kept doing it. Apparently he was threatening his wife with death if she reported him to the police or if she removed the chastity belt.

Well, the wife had to go to the police a couple of weekends ago because she had to go to the bathroom so badly that she was in pain. Police held José Antonio León Vela until he turned over the key.

This story just makes me sick. I think this idiot should have to wear a chastity belt for the next 12 years as punishment. What the heck is wrong with him?

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