4 boys found living in squalor, only able to speak in grunts

Two disgusting excuses for parents had their four malnourished sons removed from their Colorado home after the boys were found living in unsanitary conditions. The couple, 66-year-old Wayne Sperling and 35-year-old Lorinda Bailey, were charged with four counts of felony child abuse after a hospital visit with one of their sons caused a welfare worker to check on their home.

The parents faced a misdemeanor in child abuse when they plead guilty in June, but the latest turn of events upped their charges. The children, ages 2,4, 5, and 6 were found living in a feces and urine filled home, and were not potty trained or educated. In fact, police say the boys were only able to communite by grunting. How sickening!


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The case began when Bailey took the youngest boy to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital after he received a cut on his forehead. The doctor who tended him became suspicious because the boy didn't speak, was unhygienic and smelled like cigarette smoke.

A social services worker paid the home a visit only to learn about the deplorable conditions the children lived in. The apartment was described as smelling of a "decomposing animal," wood floors were soaked with cat urine, feces, and flies occupied every inch of the living space. Even worse, neighbors were worried for months about child negect going on in their home.

Sperling claimed to be the children's main guardian, while their mother lived in a separate apartment, but said their living conditions were safe despite what it looked like. He claimed that the feces found was that of the cat and although completely uneducated, he was planning on homeschooling the 6-year-old. Police didn't buy his excuse and now both parents face serious charges.

I'm so disgusted that there are people like this out there who allow their children to live in these conditions. If Sperling honestly thought this was normal, he has some serious problems. I don't buy it though. These children belong in the care of competent guardians because this couple has done an awful job raising them. I hope the kids are in good hands now and are being taught how to verbally communicate with others and I hope they soon get to know what a normal home is supposed to feel like.

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