Little boy drowns in hotel pool & his twin brother is in serious condition

Nine-year-old twins were found unresponsive in an indoor hotel pool in downtown St. Louis, Missouri Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, one of the boys was pronounced dead at the hospital and the other is in serious condition. No details have been released about how this tragedy could've happened, but it is known that the boys were in the pool area with their family, including their mother and their 14-year-old brother.


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A guest who'd just checked in to the hotel heard screams for help coming from the pool area, which is right by the lobby, and ran there to see what was going on. Upon realizing the twins were unresponsive and that only one was receiving CPR, Kevin Shelton got to work trying to save the other child's life. 

As the boys were take to the hospital, their 14-year-old brother was inconsolable. Shelton tried to comfort him and suggested he prayed. I can't even begin to imagine this horrific tragedy, but I must say I don't understand how they could've drowned without anybody noticing. Then again, if you know anything about drowning, you probably know that it's possible for someone to be drowning right in front of you without you realizing it. The thing with this case is that we're talking about two kids and it just all seems so strange. 

Either way, my heart breaks just thinking about the twin's mom. I pray to God that the son who's in serious condition makes it through. To have lost one child in such a t horrific way is tragedy enough. I can't fathom she having to bury her two sons. 

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