Stephen Colbert declares Alabama Latinos the "New Negro" (VIDEO)

Um, and we have to sort of agree. With all the crazy ass immigration laws that have been passed since Arizona opened to floodgates to out-and-out legislative racism with the passage of SB 1070, we have to admit that Alabama has really outdone itself and earned the numero uno spot on the list of "States Latinos Should Flee ASAP" (honorable mention shout outs to Georgia and South Carolina).

Colbert recently had Scott Douglas, the Executive Director of Greater Birmingham Ministries on his show to discuss the ramifications of the recently passed HB 56 legislation, which essentially criminalizes being an undocumented immigrant and during the interview Douglas boldly referred to Latinos as the "New Negro" of the south.



He's totally hit the nail on the head as far I'm concerned. Douglas smartly draws comparisons between the Jim Crow laws established after slavery was abolished and these new immigration laws which essentially give police the free reign to profile and pull over anyone they "suspect could be an illegal immigrant" (i.e. Brown) and tramples on the Civil Rights of Latinos. Douglas argues that much in the same way that Blacks were mistreated a century ago, Latinos are being scapegoated and abused today.

Watch the video and tell us: Do you think Latinos are the "New Negros" in American society today?