Cassidy Wolf: Suspect arrested in Miss Teen USA sextortion drama

A 19-year-old man has been charged with hacking into the computers of teenage girls, including the webcam owned by Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf. As if there weren't already enough Internet dangers out there to worry about...

The suspect was charged Thursday after allegedly taking thousands of nude photos and videos of his victims without their knowledge and then using them to blackmail the innocent teens. So sickening!


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Authorities say the "sextortionist" Jared James Abrahams, a computer science student, would use the webcams to take photos of the females while they were changing. He would then anonymously threaten to expose the pictures of the young girls if they didn't send him more nude videos and images. According to officials, his victims, some of whom he knew and some of whom he found on Facebook, were from all over the U.S. and typically younger than him. He even targeted teens from out of the country, with some in Canada and Russia among other places.

In one heartbreaking story released by officials, a 17-year-old from Ireland reportedly reminded him she was a minor and pleaded with him to "have a heart" after he forced to strip on Skype. His response? "Age doesn't mean a thing to me!" Ugh ... clearly this guy has no soul.

An investigation into the case was first launched in March after Wolf, who won the Teen USA crown in August and reportedly actually knew Abrahams, brought one of his emails to the cops. Abrahams was arrested and later released on $50,000 bail, but is confined to his family home, ordered to wear a GPS monitor and can only use his home computer (which is under strict montoring) for schoolwork. He is facing extortion charges, which could land him in jail for two years and authorities say other charges are possible.

Two years?! Only two years for violating so many people's privacy, sneaking his way into the rooms of a bunch of innocent teens, and using extortion to degrade them? That doesn't seem like anywhere near enough punishment for this heinous crime. Still, I'm just glad Abrahams was finally caught. Hopefully, more charges will be brought so he will get the harsh sentencing he really deserves.

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