Dad of teen who died on class trip gets the WORST call any parent can imagine

Back in June, Jonas Pierre got the worst phone call a parent can get: his one-and-only teenage son had drowned in a lake during a class field trip to celebrate the end of the school year. But a few months later, the dad got another horrible call that only served to add insult to injury. 


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Pierre says staff from Prospect Heights International High School in Brooklyn had the audacity to call him so they could set up an appointment to talk about his son Jean Fritz's dismal attendance record. Are these people for real? I mean, how insensitive can you be? 

This poor dad had to relieve the tragic death of his 16-year-old son all over again as he explained to the moron who called him that Jean Fritz hadn't been going to school because he's DEAD! I wonder how the caller felt when he heard that. Not only was this incredibly insensitive, but I must say it also makes you wonder about the people hired to work in our public school system. Do they even have a brain?

I don't care if it was a computer glitch or some other kind of technological problem, the school staff surely knew about Jean Fritz and his tragic death. After all, it happened while he was in school and, just this month, his dad announced that he plans to sue the city for his child's death. And that's because, even though an investigation has cleared the school of wrongdoing, Pierre still thinks the school is to blame. After their inconsiderate phone call, I'm tempted to agree with him. 

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