Ayla Reynolds: Missing toddler's mom reveals horrifying evidence & confronts father

The mother of missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds has just revealed disturbing details surrounding the scene of her daughter's 2011 disappearance. After months of threatening to release the information, Trisha Reynolds finally spoke out this week, sharing never-before-heard information about the case and demanding that arrests be made.


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Reynolds told CNN that police first shared the graphic facts with her in confidence last January, but says she feels it's now time "to let the world know." According to the mother, officers showed her photographs taken at the home of Ayla's father (her ex-boyfriend) Justin Di Pietro's home--the place where the child, now presumed dead, was first reported missing almost two years ago. And based on Reynolds' description, calling the photos gruesome would be a wild understatement.

Reynolds says the photos shows little Ayla's blood literally everywhere--on the child's slippers, on a doll in her bedroom, on the living room sofa and  splattered all over the walls and floor of basement where DiPietro reportedly slept. Police also found stains on DiPietro's mattress and sheets, on the tongue of his sneakers, and on a child's car seat in his vehicle.

"What I thought right off my head was it was a murder scene," Reynolds told CNN. The photos were so disturbing that she says she could only bear to see a few of them. This poor mother ... can you imagine seeing pictures like that in relation to your own child? She must have been devastated beyond words.

Reynolds says she is disclosing this information in frustration that not only has her daughter never been found, but that no arrests have ever been made. Now, she's calling for the incarceration of the three adults who were in the home when Ayla vanished--the child's father DiPietro, his girlfriend, and his sister.

In fact, she's so convinced that he's responsible for their little girl's disappearance that she even recently confronted him outside a court room where DiPietro was being sentenced on an unrelated charge. Reynolds and a crowd of supporters reportedly chased him down the street, calling him a murderer and screaming "Where's Ayla?"

The dad's reaction? DiPietro, who maintains Ayla was abducted and that he is innocent in the matter, apparently made a run for it without a word.

I honestly can't blame Reynolds for wanting answers or for wanting her ex-boyfriend in jail, for that matter. Any mother in her situation would feel the same way, especially after having to see those horrific photos of her own child at his home. But the truth of the matter is that DiPietro is legally innocent until proven guilty and cops just don't have enough of a case built against him right now.

Still, it's heartbreaking to think that while this mother is left tormented by unanswered questions, someone out there (possibly Ayla's own family members!) most likely knows what happened and who is responsible and isn't speaking up. Especially since Reynolds is right in her demands--at some point, action needs to be taken and justice needs to be served. I just hope it'll come sooner rather than later.

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