Halloween prank proves deadly for Latino teen trying to scare his sister

Jordan Morlan loved playing pranks on his family, especially during Halloween. But his latest joke ended in tragedy Sunday, and I don't see how his mother will manage to get the gruesome image of her dead son out of her head. Apparently, Jordan's intentions were to frighten his younger sister using a noose they had just put up as part of their Halloween decorations. Although he achieved his goal, it was for all the wrong reasons…


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That's because, sadly, it was his little sister who found him hanging from a tree outside their home and she had to be the one to alert their mom, Ginger Rodriguez. At first, the mother thought it was just one of his many pranks, but when the girl told her he was not moving and was drooling, Rodriguez ran out to see what was going on.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Rodriguez tried to remove the noose from around her 16-year-old son's head, but he couldn't even lift him up. Jordan had accidentally hanged himself and he was in a comma by the time paramedics arrived. Although he spent 12 hours on life support, his organs began to fail and he died Monday at a hospital in Kentucky.

OMG! I can't even begin to imagine what Jordan's mother must have felt when she saw her son hanging from that tree. But she must be one strong woman because she has decided to share her tragic story to warn other parents that some pranks can end in tragedy. Even so, I can't help but wonder how one is able to go on living after experiencing something so traumatic.

Image via whas11.com

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