Wife says neighbor is "telepathically" raping her, so her husband shoots him

Oh boy! This is a crazy story right out of Crazy-ville. In 2011, 41-year-old Tony Pierce was shot from behind while he was working outside of his trailer home in Utah by 53-year-old Michael Selleneit. This wasn't a random shooting. Michael was allegedly convinced and encouraged by his 55-year-old wife Meloney Selleneit to shoot their neighbor because the neighbor had been "telepathically" raping her for years. Yup, telepathically, as in her brain.


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This is so sad and if it weren't tragic, it might even be funny. The only semi-okay thing about the story is that Tony Pierce survived being shot in the back and leg. He does however still experience pain and I can only imagine he must suffer from psychological consequences as well.

Michael pleaded guilty but mentally ill to attempted manslaughter and use of a firearm by restricted person. He was sentenced to two 1-to-15 year sentences (to be served consecutively). He's being held at a state hospital until he is considered sane enough to go to jail.

He had been barred from having a firearm after a child sex conviction in 1990. The gun he used to shoot Tony Pierce was allegedly bought by Meloney.

Meloney has been spending her time in a state hospital. Last week after finally being deemed as competent to stand trial, she pleaded guilty but mentally ill to charges of providing her husband with the gun and encouraging him to shoot their neighbor (obviously, those aren't the official charges, but you get it). Her sentencing is scheduled for October 31. Yup, she's being sentenced on Halloween.

How did these two obviously disturbed people manage to find each other and not be forced into some kind of treatment earlier? Did no one notice that they were just a tad off their rockers?

Image via Davis County Sheriff's Office

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