Man who threw & killed baby over road rage gets the punishment he deserves

Han Lei, an evil 39-year-old man from China, has been sentenced to death for killing an almost 3-year-old girl in the most horrific way. The murder took place in late July when Han was looking for a parking space and ran into the victim and his mother at a bus stop. Since he wanted to park there but she was apparently blocking his way with her daughter's stroller, the man went crazy and you won't believe what he did to the little girl!


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According to information revealed in court during his case, after beating the mother to the ground, Han pulled the toddler from her stroller, lifted her above his head and slammed her into the ground. And then, he fled like the coward that he is.

The girl was transported to the hospital but her head injuries were so severe, that she did not survive. Luckily, the police caught the lowlife the next day and now the court has found him guilty of murder and sentenced him to death. Obviously, it's the punishment this monster deserves. I mean, who gets so furious over a parking space he kills a little toddler?

On the other hand, it breaks my heart to think of that poor mother and how she had to witness the violent death of her daughter without even having a chance to defend her. I really don't know how she has gone on with her life because I don't think I could.

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