Testicle-eating pacu fish makes its way to the U.S.!

You've all heard of piranhas and know how dangerous they are, but would you be shocked to know that they may be in our own backyards now? New Jersey man Tom Boylan happened to reel in a pacu (or "Ball Cutter" as it is known because it bites off men's testicles) from a lake at Passaic's Third Ward Veterans Memorial Park this weekend. The scary fish, which is native to the Amazon in South America, was last spotten in France and other places in Europe. But it seems to have made its way to the States now! AH!

So just how did this ball-biting fish manage to find its way into a New Jersey body of water? The answer will shock you...


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You would think that a fish as exotic and dangerous as the pacu would be banned here in the United States, but it's perfectly legal to have one! The problem is they tend to be large at their fully grown size of four feet which is why people tend to dump them in random bodies of water. That's not very smart, now is it?

Boylan says the fish resembled a piranha and he took it to an aquarium the next day to have it analyzed. The man learned that his discovery was not only rare but he was lucky that his privates didn't get too close to it! The fish has man-like molars, which allow them to have a better grip on the testicles they are chomping on.

A spokesperson for New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection explained to NewJersey.com that this wasn't the first time the state has had a pacu sighting and says they've received reports on them at least a few times a year. So dudes, be aware and keep a close eye on those balls!

Image via NBC

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