Nevada police on the hunt for Latino teen who murdered mom & little brother in cold blood

Police are still looking for a Las Vegas teen who remained on the loose Wednesday after allegedly killing his mother and 9-year-old brother, just one day after celebrating his 16th birthday with them.

Authorities have been hunting for Adrian Navarro-Canales ever since finding the bodies of his mother and younger brother in the bathroom of their apartment six days ago. Though Navarro-Canales was initially named a possible victim, cops later identified him as the prime suspect and have put out a warrant for his arrest.


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According to police, the killings most likely happened last Tuesday. However, the bodies weren't discovered until Friday after the fourth time the mother's boyfriend and another relative called to say they were worried about their loved ones. When cops visited the apartment again and entered, they discovered the mother and little brother stabbed to death.

As if that wasn't heinous enough, Navarro-Canales had apparently even texted his dad on Wednesday, telling him the others were fine and couldn't talk because they were asleep. Can you believe that?! Just the thought that a teen could be so cruel and calculated sends chills down my spine.

The teen's father, Adrian Navarro Soto-Mayor, flew Friday from California to Las Vegas and issued a plea in Spanish for his son to contact him or other family members. Officers have entered the teen's name into a national crime database and are also scouring Mexico borders.

So far, there seems to be no word on what could've possibly motivated this boy to murder his own family members but I think it's safe to say no explanation will ever justify his horrible actions. Especially to his poor father, who must now not only face the loss of his son and the mother of his kids, but also come to terms that their deaths were at the hands of his own child. Hopefully, police will find Navarro-Canales soon and bring him to justice.  

Image via Henderson Police Department

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