Teacher finds human fetus in his classroom & no one knows where it came from

If you've taken a science class in high school, then you know you've probably dissected an animal or two in your time. However, one unnamed teacher in Cape Coral, Florida made the unfortunate discovery of finding a human fetus in his classroom as he started the new school year.

Eek! I that's one grisly find I'm not sure how I'd handle!


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The teacher at Cape Coral High School had been organizing his supplies when he found a mason jar wrapped in a plastic bag, containing a fetus inside. The discovery would have made the average person believe that someone abandoned the fetus, but the reason it was there actually (and thankfully) makes sense.

It turns out that the fetus had been used as a teaching tool by a former instructor and had been well preserved in a formaldehyde solution. The specimen couldn't have been more than four months along after conception and had been preserved for about 20 years.

The creepier part of this story is that the jar hadn't been seen in the cabinet before the summer. Therefore someone had to have placed it there, which has left teachers and police alike stumped. Investigators are still trying to figure out how exactly the fetus filled mason jar got there, but don't believe foul play was involved.

I would probably lose it if I came across something containing a fetus. Even though this was a teaching tool, it's a little gory honestly. Hopefully police can find out where this specimen came from and get this mason jar back to its rightful owner--or at least discard it appropriately.

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