Naked haunted house is terrifying for all the wrong reasons

Will you be visiting a haunted house this Halloween season? Well, if you like your haunted houses to have some kink in them and no kids, I may have a suggestion that is exactly what you are looking for. If you are near Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania or can get yourself there, you could be one of the first to experience Shocktoberfest's Naked and Scared Challenge inspired by the Discovery channel show Naked and Afraid. Are your panties getting in a bunch because you can see where this is going? Now might be a good time to practice getting out of them.


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The Naked and Scared Challenge will allow participants to go through a haunted house exhibit either "nude or prude." Nude being absolutely free of clothing and prude being in your underwear.

Supposedly, the intent is not to put anyone into a sexual mindset, but to push people out of their comfort zone. No one under 18 is allowed and only other participants can see you.

Honestly, it sounds absolutely terrifying to me. First of all, I don't need to be showing my private bits to any strangers, but most of all, whenever I have been anywhere where clothing is optional, I am mortified by what I see. Yes, I know all bodies are beautiful and yadayadaya, but some naked bodies I just don't need to see. I could be having nightmares about that stuff for months.

Also, it makes me wonder if the ghosts in the haunted house will be naked too. It seems only fair that if the humans are in the buff the ghosts should be too.

Image via Shocktoberfest

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