Disgusting Brazilian mom sells daughter on Facebook for a totally unbelievable reason

It may sound cruel to say it, but some women shouldn't be allowed to have children. Such is the case of a mom in Brazil who tried to sell her 2-year-old daughter on Facebook! Luckily, the person she planned on selling her child to--for the ridiculous amount of $1,500 and a laptop--was working with the cops, so the despicable mom and her husband were busted! But wait til you hear what she planned to do with the money...


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The disgusting 23-year-old woman told police that she needed the money to go become a prostitute in Europe! It's not surprising, then, that she showed no affection whatsoever for her child during the supposed transaction. ¡Pobre niña! 

The social worker who was working with police found the little girl being advertised on Facebook while she was doing a project for college. At first, she thought it was some type of sick joke, but when she realized it was real, she got the cops involved. Good for her! I'm not sure others would've reacted the same way.

My heart breaks thinking about the little girl and what could've happened to her had she been actually sold to who knows whom. I'm glad she's too young to truly understand what almost happened to her thanks to her evil mother. Hopefully, she'll be placed with a loving family who will give her all the affection and care she probably hasn't gotten since she came into this world. 

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