Latina mom who may have murdered 5-month-old is released from jail to give birth to 4th child

Brittney Sierra, the 22-year-old Fort Lauderdale mom on trial for burying her dead baby's remains, was set free on Monday after a judge reduced her charges. Sierra was facing charges of second degree neglect/bodily harm to third-degree charges for the death of 5-month-old Dontrell K. Melvin who was last seen in July 2011.

It wasn't until January 2013 when police uncovered his skeletal remains in the yard of the former home she owned with boyfriend Calvin Melvin. Authorities ruled it a homicide and Melvin faces two charges of child beglect and three for providing false information to police. Even though the twosome are at fault for the baby death, Sierra is getting off for one shocking reason.


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Sierra was only released and dropped of some charges because she was pregnant while in jail and is set to give birth this week. The judge reduced her charges to simple child neglect and instead of the 30 years in prison she was facing, he decided to give her 10. The conditions of her release expect her to wear a GPS monitor, no contact with Melvin, and no unsupervised visits with her underage children.

This will be the fourth child for the mother and originally it was understood that Sierra was supposed to stay with Yolande Georges, a woman who sympathized with the mom. However after showing up to court and learning more about the case, Georges changed her mind.

As far as what happens with Sierra now is unclear, but I can't say I blame Georges for changing her mind. I can't believe the judge reduced Sierra's sentencing and charges when she's just as guilty as her boyfriend. I hope they make sure that this woman doesn't get to keep her newborn and gets sent back to jail after she gives birth.

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