Kenya mall massacre: 3 American teens among the terrorists who murdered 62 people

The Kenya mall massacre news continues to shock us: Today we found out that three of the terrorists involved may be American teens. The Islamic Somali group Al Shabbab carried out a deadly shooting and ongoing hostage situation at the Westgate mall in Nairobi. At least 62 people have been killed, including a pregnant woman, and about 200 others badly injured. 

The American men identified by foreign minister Amina Mohamed, are said to be about 18 or 19 years old and from Minnesota.


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This discovery was made after a Twitter account claiming to be Al Shabbab revealed that there were American assailants and that the attack was "far greater than how the Kenyans perceive it." They also described the state of the hostages and said they looked disconcerted, but were still alive. 

In the midst of all this sadness, there's the story of a 4-year-old British hero who bravely came face to face with one of the terrorists. Elliot Prior managed to get the terrorist to take pity on him, his injured mother, Amber, and 6-year-old sister, Amelie. The family had been shopping for milk at the mall when the terrorists struck. They hid underneath a counter until they were found by one of the terrorists who shot their mother in the thigh. The terrorists allowed children to escape the mall unharmed, but Elliot refused.

Instead of obeying his mother to escape with his sister, Elliot stood his ground and argued with the terrorist calling him "a very bad man." Elliot must have gotten through to the terrorist who apologized and said, "Please forgive me, we are not monsters." The man then tried to convince Amber that the Muslim faith wasn't bad and asked for forgiveness before handing the children Mars bars and letting the family escape.

Elliot probably doesn't realize how brave and huge of him it was to stand up to the dangerous terrorist and I'm glad his family got out safely. Unfortunately it scares me to know that Americans were involved. It truly scares me and makes me think an attack like this can happen here in the U.S. too. I hope this four-day ordeal ends soon because this tragedy has already taken the lives of many innocent people.

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