Little girl suffocates to death in freak accident that can happen to any parent

A 3-year-old girl is dead after a horrific accident that occurred while she was playing with her two older sisters Sunday evening in Harlem. Although her cause of death has not been confirmed, it appears as if Aissante Diallo suffocated and you'll be shocked when you hear how it happened.


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The girl and her sisters were playing on a sofa bed when it suddenly snapped shut trapping the 3-year-old and her 10-year-old sister. The older girl was able to wiggle herself out of the closed sofa bed, but her younger sister wasn't as lucky.

Police have questioned the boyfriend of the girls' mom, who apparently was taking care of them. It's unclear whether he was present when the tragedy took place and, according to The New York Post, his story has not been consistent. While the investigation continues, I'm having a hard time understanding how no adults noticed what had happened to little Aissante until it was too late. 

Either way, this is super scary! I'd heard of horrific accidents involving reclining chairs and children, which is why I'm extra careful when my kids are around this type of furniture, but I'd never heard of a sofa bed snapping shut. Seems to me like there's a lot to this tragic story than what has been revealed. In the end, though, I guess it doesn't really matter because nothing will change the fact that now a mother has to bury her little daughter... and there can't be anything worse than that!

Image via Sasoriza/flickr

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