Baby wipes are causing seriously crappy worldwide problems

Baby wipes are amazing as far as I'm concerned and can do no wrong. They have gotten me out of sticky and disgusting situations like nothing else. They are a brilliant tool for parenting and beyond. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to live without wipes again, even when my kids are fully grown. However, baby wipes and wipes of other kinds are being blamed for causing millions of dollars worth of problems. How can this possibly be?


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Wipes are being flushed down toilets and clogging up sewer pipes from London, to New York, to any place where people use them. You would think that most people would be fully aware that you are not supposed to flush baby wipes down the toilet, right? Seems that some people just don't give a crap and do it anyway.

It also appears that even flushable wipes are a part of the problem. Sewer officials (somebody's gotta do that job) in Vancouver, Washington dyed several types of wipes including those labeled as flushable and sent them through the sewer system for about a mile to see what would happen. Turns out that the wipes that were labeled flushable had some tears in them, but they did not break down.

What does this mean for the sewers of the world and your wipes consumption? Well, here's my take on the whole thing (keep in mind that I am very PRO-wipes): Wipes don't clog sewers, people clog sewers. Go ahead and use wipes, but use them safely. Don't flush them down the toilet. Practice wipe-safety and teach your kids about wipe-safety too. I'd hate to see any more sewers hurt because of irresponsible wipe-users.

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