Parents mistake daughter's gunshot wound for her first period & don't get help for HOURS!

The parents of a 10-year-old California girl thought she had started her first period, only to learn that she had actually been shot. The child had been sleeping in her bed when a stray bullet hit her in the rear. When she complained of blood and pain to her parents, they assumed she'd begun menstruating because of the blood  found in her underwear.

Shockingly enough the girl's parents remained oblivious about the shooting for HOURS!


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The girl had gone to school like normal as her parents assumed the pain had been menstrual cramps. It took the child's parents five hours to report the incident to police because it wasn't until later that her parents found bullet holes in her bed.

No one has been arrested in the case and police don't have reason to believe the girl was a target. Meanwhile, she's been treated at a local hospital and is in stable condition after a scary ordeal. You're probably wondering, how did these parents NOT see a bullet lodged in their daughter's body?

The child's doctor told police that the entry wound was tiny enough for her parents to miss which is why they assumed she was menstruating. I believe the bigger question here is since when do women have their periods coming out of their butts?!

I guess if the bullet wound was that small it's easy to miss, but still it makes no sense! I'm glad that this little girl is okay after this crazy experience, but who would have thought that this would go over everyone's head?

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