Abuela finally caught after kidnapping her grandson 13 years ago

A teen's supposed mother tries to enroll him in a school in Northern Missouri, but the principal becomes suspicious and calls the police. An investigation ensues and a decade-old abduction case gets solved. Sounds like a movie, but it's what happened in real life last week when police arrested Sandy Hatte. They believe the 60-year-old woman kidnapped her own grandson when he was an infant back in 2000.


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The teen has been reunited with his biological father and, according to police, "It was a good reunion." Is this a crazy story or what?

Not a lot of details have been released about this bizarre case, so there's really more questions than answers. Here's what we do know: Hatte used to take care of her grandson at his father's home. One day, when the dad got home from work, he realized she'd taken the boy and had left without a trace. That was almost 13 years ago and, in all that time, the boy's family had no idea where they were.

Why would an abuelita do something so horrific? Was she concerned about his well-being or did she just lose her mind that day? Did the boy know that she was his grandmother or did he think she was his mom? How did Hatte manage to disappear with the boy for such a long time?

I imagine the answers will come as the investigation continues. For now, I can't help but think how confusing this whole ordeal must be for the teen. I mean, I'm glad he got to meet his biological father, but his life has been disrupted and it'll never be the same.

Image via Livingston County Sheriff's Office

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