Kenya mall massacre: Terrorists leave 62 dead, including 8-month-pregnant doctor

The tragic Kenyan mall massacre in Nairobi's upscale Westgate mall shook the world this weekend. The shooting carried out by Islamic terrorists working with Al-Qaida led to a three-day hostage situation with more than 40 people. Although the incident is far from over, the military tried rescuing the hostages and managed to get most of them out. At least 62 people were killed including 175 injured by the reported Somali terrorist group, Al Shabbab.

This story only gets more tragic after it was learned that one of the victims was Dr. Elif Yavuz, a pregnant woman who was set to give birth in the upcoming weeks.


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Yavuz and the father of her child, 33-year-old Australian Ross Langdon, were coldly gunned down when the terrorists stormed the mall they were visiting. Langdon was an architect who had been in Africa to work on a number of projects, one of which included designing a free HIV-AIDS hospital. Yavuz, who had a PhD in public health, meanwhile was from the Netherlands, a Harvard grad, and a Malaria specialist working for the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

The couple was living the picture perfect life and were soon-to-be parents when tragedy struck. They were remembered through friends and family as many paid tribute to them via social media. One friend wrote, "We will miss you Elif Yavuz, Ross Langdon and the one that we never got to know." How sad!

I can't imagine the pain and horror family and friends of this massacre's victims are going through right now. This was a tragic turn of events on shopping trip that changed so many people's lives in a matter of minutes. I hope that the military are able to save the rest of the hostages and subdue these deadly terrorists. My thoughts go out to Elif and Ross' family as well as the other victims and hostages that remain.

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