Levon Wameling: Baby remains confirmed to be 9-month-old who wasn't reported missing for 2 weeks

The body of Levon Wameling, a 9-month-old baby boy who has been missing since May, was recently found in an upstate New York river.

The remains were found in a container in the Mohawk river on September 6. An extensive DNA testing was performed at the Onondaga County Medical examiner's office in Syracuse to verify it was in fact the boy. Medical examiners still haven't been able to figure out the cause of death, but authorities aren't ruling out the child's father as a suspect since it took him TWO weeks to report his son was missing!


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According to the child's father, Jevon Wameling, the boy vanished after he left him briefly unattended. He claims he was taking his son out for a late-night walk and then suddenly locked himself out of his house. Supposedly he placed the boy down on the front porch and then went through a back window to make his way back into the house. By the time he opened the front door, the baby was gone ... at least that's what he told police anyway.

But here's where things get fishy: Jevon waited two weeks before reporting the missing child to police. And he even went to an attorney's office first. A father that waits two full weeks before reporting his child has gone missing sounds VERY suspicious. "I think actions speak louder than words," said Utica Chief Mark Williams.

Jevon was arrested earlier this month by New York State Police and was accused of breaking into a home in Utica trying to steal money and jewelry. Police have had their concerns about him ever since Levon's disappearance, but the robbery only left them with more suspicions.

As for the child's mother, Amy Warney ... well, she was in a drug rehab center while the child was staying with his father. She doesn't seem to know what happened to her boy either.

The fact that this father took SO long to report his son missing definitely raises a lot of questions. Why on earth would you wait two weeks before contacting police? I'd like to think this man really had nothing to do with this child's death, but unfortunately the evidence so far is saying otherwise.

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