School forces Black student to participate in ridiculous slavery reenactment, WTF?!

A seventh grade school field trip humiliated a 12-year-old black girl after teachers forced her to participate in a ridiculous slavery reenactment. The unnamed child's parents, Sandra and James Baker, filed a human rights complaint against Connecticut's Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy after the four-day trip to the Nature's Classroom in Charlton, Massachusetts.

The reenactment was said to be an "educational" experience, but instead it became verbally abusive and terrorizing to students. The worst part is that these trips have been going on for YEARS and the school never saw it as offensive.


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Reports say that the slavery reenactment, which occurred last year,  included teachers posing as "masters" who chased students through the woods and called them the "n" word. The story only gets more disgusting as the students were told to "pretend" they were on a slave ship, and picking cotton on a plantation field. 

The little girl's dad says his daughter shared with her awful experience with her parents after coming home from the trip and said that one instructor warned her: "If I were to run, they would whip me until I bled on the floor and then either cut my Achilles so I couldn't run again, or hang me." Not surprisingly, the Bakers pulled her out of the school and she is now attending the eighth grade elsewhere.

Parents reportedly had no idea that this skit was part of the trip, and that students were told a half hour before the "Underground Railroad" program that they didn't have to participate in it. The girl's mom was completely outraged by the activity and filed complaints with the Department of Education, the Human Rights Commission, and offices of civil rights. To make matters worse, the Nature's Classroom has received complaints in the past for its controversial skit, but this school and others continue to partake in it. 

How are we supposed to teach our children about accepting diversity if schools like this one are teaching them that racism is okay?! I really hope this case the Bakers have brought against this place shuts them down for good because what they are teaching is unacceptable. One thing is to teach children about history and another is to egg on behavior that is revolting and offensive. 

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