Baby killed in a freak airport accident that can happen to any mom

5-month-old baby tragically died in a freak accident after he accidentally fell onto the luggage conveyor belt at an airport in Spain. The unnamed 32-year-old American mother had arrived at Alicante-Elche Airport with her eldest son and baby while on vacation when tragedy struck.

By the time medics reached the baby it was too late and he was pronounced dead at the scene. This is just awful!


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The mother and her sons were waiting to meet their father when she placed the baby who was in a baby carrier on a baggage belt. That's when suddenly the conveyor belt turned on and dragged the baby down the bag drop entrance where he became stuck and ultimately died.

Reports say the mother tried grabbing the boy when she climbed onto the baggage belt but it was too late. Medical help arrived and the baby was pronounced dead after suffering a fractured skull.

Meanwhile passengers waiting for their luggage said they were shocked that they weren't notified about what had occurred by airport staff. Police took the parents of the infant for questioning, but ruled this incident a complete accident.

I can't imagine how awful this poor mother must be feeling. This was a family vacation that went from happy to tragic in a matter of moments and I sympathize deeply with them. She just set the baby down for a moment and suddenly this awful tragedy occurred. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family and those affected by this little baby's untimely death.

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