Chicago park shooting: 3-year-old boy among 13 shot on basketball court

Can a person run out of tears? Apparently not, as the residents of Chicago, the murder capital or the country, are finding out. Last night, 13 people were shot, including a 3 year-old boy, in the Windy City, while doing something that wouldn't have threatened or provoked anybody. Two more people died in another violent incident. I would like nothing more than ignore this awful news and not tell you about it, but that wouldn't help anybody. It could happen to me, to you. We all can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


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According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the shooting happened after 10 p.m., when a man inside a car started shooting at a group of people gathered at a basketball court in Cornell Square Park in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. The police said that 13 people had been impacted by the bullets, among them little Deonta "Tay-man" Howard, who was shot in the face.

Julian Haris, one of Deonta's uncles, told the Sun-Times, that a man with dreadlocks inside a gray sedan opened fire against the people. The bullets "hit the light pole next to me but I ducked down and ran into the house," Harris said. "They've been coming round here looking for people to shoot every night--just gang-banging stuff." Can you imagine living in fear like that? I think that's way worse than a regular criminal. It's not that they want to take something from you. This is killing for the thrill of it.

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The police confirmed this was an incident of gang related violence. It seems to me that it could be one of those terrible initiation rites that the gangs are famous for. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. Chicago has the tragedy of being the most violent city in the country. Eight people died and 20 were killed during the Labor Day weekend in a spike of shootings. Among them, another uncle of the injured boy, who by the way is going to be OK, although he will need several surgeries to repair his face.

What I would really would like to understand is how can this happen in a city so close to the heart of President Obama and where one of his closest advisors is the mayor. I'm talking about Rahm Emmanuel, who was his Chief of Staff, during his first period. I mean, if Chicago is in such a bad shape, what can we expect for the poor neighborhoods in the rest of the country.


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