Guy cut off his balls to avoid marriage in extreme case of cold feet

One couple's dream wedding was delayed after the groom decided to cut his testicles off right before storming into the church soaked in blood. I wish I was joking. This man literally tried cutting them off with a pair of scissors. Scissors! He even went on a hysterical rant throwing chairs and stuff. Sounds like a CRAZY case of cold feet to me!


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The Brentwood, England man took a pair of scissors and tried cutting off his balls merely minutes before walking into the church where the wedding ceremony was scheduled to take place. He even freaked the hell out of the priest and florist who were in the middle of adding finishing touches to the church. There he was screaming and throwing chairs like a loco, leaving the floor soaked in his blood.

One of the bride's guests arrived at the church early, at around 12:45 p.m., and witnessed the incredibly bizarre situation."When I went in the church, I saw something on the floor which I could only describe as flesh, which I thought was part of his arm but that was one of his testicles," they said.

Here's what I don't get, though: You'd think if a man was cutting off his nuts right before his wedding it would be a desperate attempt to get out of the marriage right? But no, shortly after being rushed to the hospital he returned back to the church where the wedding ceremony carried on about a half an hour later. Police even tried closing down the church because it was a crime scene, but the wedding went on. And apparently the bride was never informed about what happened until after the wedding. How crazy is that?

What possessed this nut case (pun intended) to randomly cut off his balls is beyond me. This whole story makes no kind of sense. If this man was having doubts about the wedding why did he still get married? And why didn't anyone tell the poor bride what went down until AFTER the ceremony? Now she's stuck married to a lunatic with no nuts. Not a good situation!

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