Boyfriend decapitated, girl lynched by her OWN family because they didn't approve of relationship

An Indian woman and her fiance lost their lives, all because her parents didn't approve of their relationship. Twenty-year-old Nihi Barak and 23-year-old Dharmender Barak were college students in love who eloped on Tuesday against Nihi's parents wishes. The couple returned to the girl's home thinking that her parents had finally come around after they told them that they would be allowed to marry.

Unfortunately those promises turned out to be all lies and led to their gruesome deaths.


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Nihi and Dharmender deaths were an honor killing by the young woman's very own parents and family. Police in the city of Haryana said that the couple had been tortured for hours as Nihi was beaten to death in public and Dharmender was beheaded and dumped near his family's home.

To make matters worse, Nihi's mother had attempted to cremate her body until a villager spotted the incident and notified police. Police found Nihi's half scorched body and Dharmender's headless corpse (he also had his arms and legs broken). So far police have only arrested Nihi's father, uncle, and mother, but are on the lookout for her brother and two other people. Not surprisingly, Nihi's father has shown NO remorse for what he did.

It is unclear why Nihi's parents were against her relationship with Dharmender if they were of the same caste and region. Often, couples in India are punished if they dare marry someone family doesn't approve of. Honor killings happen because the family wants to preserve their reputation and pride. However, not all Indians approve of this barbaric method and in 2010 the Indian Supreme Court decided to push the death penalty on those who participated in it.

Many times, parents definitely voice their opinions if their kids have a boyfriend or girlfriend they don't like. It's another thing altogether to think that killing them is the answer. No offense to other cultures, but I'm amazed that this brutal tradition still exists. Thankfully police are not taking this particular case lightly. I hope they are able to catch whoever else is responsible for Nihi and Dharmender's deaths. The only thing they did wrong was love each other and they didn't deserve to die so savagely.  

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