Ayvani Hope Perez found safe as her mom is linked to one of the kidnappers!

Ayvani Hope Perez has been found safe and sound 26 miles from her home after being kidnapped by two armed men Tuesday. The Georgia teen had made headlines after her home was broken into by the now identified men, 29-year-old Wildrego Jackson and 40-year-old Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez. They snatched the 14-year-old setting off an Amber Alert and leading police on a massive manhunt.

Now the teen is back home with her family and further details are emerging from the kidnapping. One important fact being that her mother, Maria Magdalena Corral, had a connection with one of the suspects…


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The latest reports say that Corral had ties to Contreras-Rodriguez who was arrested with her in February 2012 for drug trafficking charges. The two had allegedly been carrying $300,000 worth of marijuana for a drug trafficking ring, but their charges were later dropped.

Police also revealed that the sketches released during the abduction were not of the actual suspects and that they believe there are MORE people involved. After the latest arrest, Contreras-Rodriguez, a Mexican native, has been locked up but so far only faces immigration related charges. Jackson, however faces conspiracy to kidnap charges. This is in addition to his extensive criminal past with drug charges, child cruelty, and carrying different identities.

It is unclear if Ayvani was hurt during her capture, but police say she was healthy at the time she arrived home. Although her family is breathing a sigh of relief, authorities continue to investigate the abduction case that may be far from over. How scary!

I'm glad that Ayvani is back home, but it disturbs me that her mother's past came back to haunt her. It just shows you that the severity of your mistakes can bite you in the butt later on in life. Ayvani was an innocent bystander in all of this and who knows what her mother did to upset these men. I just hope police can corral those responsible for abduction and get to the bottom of the case.

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