Creepy clown terrorizes town & OMG it's so scary (VIDEO)

There's a creepy clown walking the streets of Northampton, England and terrorizing everyone in his town. I'm terrified of clowns, so if I saw this crazy guy I'd probably lose my mind. It's a childhood fear of mine--don't judge! But here's the thing: The clown hasn't actually done anything to anyone. There have been no threats, no harassing, and absolutely no attacks of any sort. If anything he just walks around looking crazy and scaring the crap out of people. Oh and he'll occasionally pose for a picture too. So is this all just one big prank?


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Recognized as the Northampton Clown, this character is more harmless than he appears. The most he does is stand around not really saying much. Once in a blue he'll approach people saying, "Beep, beep," a famous line from the Stephen King book It, but that's about it. He even has a Facebook page that he created on Friday the 13th (of course) where he post photos, updates and notes claiming he's totally harmless.

You'd think by now police would have some idea who the man behind the clown getup is, but they have no clue. In fact, they're still investigating. And since cops have had no luck finding the clown, there's another man dressed in a blue muscle-padded superhero costume calling himself Boris the Clown Catcher with a mission to--you guessed it!--capture the Northhampton Clown. Everyone is convinced that's it's the same dude attempting a viral prank or publicity stunt. By the looks of things, I'm betting that's the case.

This has to be the most hilarious thing I've heard all week. I actually think it's kind of funny that police have had no luck finding this clown. Of course I'm curious to know what the motive behind all this locura is, but at the same time if he's not harming anyone, what's the big deal? I'd leave the man alone. He's obviously just trying to have a little fun. My only warning to the townspeople is to stay away from alleys after dark. Clowns are even scarier looking at night!

Image via Facebook

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